Special Rules for Fishing in the Skjern Riversystem

Fishing rules under the notice of Skjernaa watersystem.

  • The angling season opens april 16th and closes on october 15th.
  • It is only permitted to use one hook on the line: a single-, double- or triple-hook. The hook must be barbless or with barbs completely removed.
  • When you use worm as bait natural bait or bait with smell, you may only use circle hook witout barb. A circle hook i defined so, that the tip of the hook must be perpendicular to the shaft of the hook.
  • Shrimps and roe (fish eggs) are forbidden by law in Skjern River system.
  • The quota is divided in 2 size groups, each will be closed, when it is used up. One for the group of salmons over 73cm and one for the group of salmons on 73cm and below. The length of the fish is measured from the nosetip to the tip of the tail. When maximum size limit is introduced, it can be seen on the frontpage of the website: www.skjernaasam.dk
    When the quota of the two size groups have been exhausted, only practice catch & release fishing for salmon. The salmon must be released as gently as possible.
  • When 90% of the quota in both size groups is exhausted, the qouta in the west part of the river system will be closed. The rest of the quota may only be caught upstream: the railwaybridge in Vorgod River, Tarp Bridge in Skjern River and Vester Ringvej in Omme River.
  • There is a bag limit on 1 killed salmon per person per year, as long as the quota within the 2 size groups is not exhausted.
  • There is a bag limit of 1 killed seatrouts per person per year.
  • All salmon and seatrout caught must be recorded per registration online at www.skjernaasam.dk under “Fangstrapporter” same day of the catch.
  • Fishing in Skjern River system at SÅS is only permitted with a special Salmon ticket called “Laksekontingent”, fishing license and the State Angler Fishing License.
  • If in doubt please refer to the notice and waiver to fish for salmon. The anglers are responsible themselves to know about the rules for fishing in Skjern River system.
    Minimum lengths: Salmon 60 cm; Seatrout 40 cm; Brown trout 30 cm; Pike 60 cm; Grayling: 33 cm.

The board of Skjern River Federation (SÅS)

Recommendations from “The danish Technical University” DTU.

  • If the gentle unhooking of a fish is impossible then cut the line close to the hook.
  • You should allways carry a hook-releasing tool (e. g. pliers) and a pair of scissors or clippers when angling.
  • Do not lift a fish out of the water, if it is to be released.
  • Your angling gear ought to be strong enough to fight a big fish, avoid long fights that exhaust the fish unnecessarily.
  • Never use a landing hook (gaff) if the fish is to be released.

Recommendations from Skjern River Federation (SÅS)

  • Always handle fish, which are to be released, quickly and gently.
  • Apply some measurement mark on your rod, so that it is easy and quick to measure the fish, while it still is in the water.
  • If you are in doubt of the precise length of the fish, then please decide in favour of the fish and release it.
  • Landing nets should be knotless with wholes not larger than 1cm in width.
  • When you have reached your bag limit or if one of the quotas has been fulfilled, please consinder using a small single barbless hook. Also consider the cessation of using bait with scent and/or worms.
  • SÅS recommends that the number of released salmon per person is on a sensible level i. e. consider stopping fishing after a catch of two or more salmon due to an obvious run of fresh fish.